Talking Points of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation

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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Talking Points of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation

Meeting between the High Level Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban

July 17, 2021, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Mutallaq Al-Qahtani, respected leaders, sisters and brothers,

السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و برکاتهٌ

Let me before anything else thank the brotherly state of Qatar for hosting the Afghan Peace Negotiations. May god reward them for this good. It is a pleasure for me and my colleagues to meet the representatives of the Taliban movement.

Our hope is that by the grace of god, this meeting brings positive results for peace and stability and an end to the decades-long suffering of our people.

Afghans are living difficult days. The war is raging robustly and the main victims are our own people. I pray for the martyrs who have lost their lives. The destruction of this war and bloodshed is clear to us all that there is no need for details in this brief opportunity.

Before coming to Doha, we consulted with all political elders and the leadership of the Islamic Republic. The message was unanimously one: there is no military solution to this conflict and all energy and efforts must focus on reaching a political settlement to end the war and agree on a joint roadmap for the future.

I want to be blunt that the presence of this group of political leaders including members of our negotiating team here that represent all ethnic communities and social groups shows our solid commitment to unity, nation-wide meaningful participation in support of a just and sustainable peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, peace requires flexibility from both sides. We believe that the regional and international environments are conducive for peace in Afghanistan. While we appreciate and thank the support and efforts from all friendly countries, international organizations, especially the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the European Union, respected Islamic scholars around the world and parliaments of many countries, our people want the international support for the peace process to continue.

We all know that the Afghan people are victims of the senseless waves of violence. To those who suffer, the Afghans who lose their lives and livelihoods to this conflict, it does not make a difference whether it is the Republic that resorts to violence or the Taliban movement try to win militarily.

The belief in a military solution and emphasis on winning through brute force and violence, will not yield any result. Afghanistan still needs reconstruction and good relationships with the region and the world. The regional connectivity requires peace and stability in Afghanistan. Yesterday’s summit in Tashkent where all regional and international delegates emphasized the importance of stability in Afghanistan in regional development reinforces our message. There is an opportunity to bring stability and prosperity to Afghanistan and to the region. If we do not take advantage of it, we would be guilty before the God Almighty, our people, the world and in history.

The negotiating team of the Islamic Republic representing the Afghan people has the authority and credibility to engage on and negotiate all matters of substance, especially the steps needed in order to reach to a comprehensive agreement. We have come to reinstate our support to the team and emphasize on the need to take advantage of the opportunity in front of us.

It is a fact that our people with the international support have made considerable achievements in recent decades, especially in democratic practices and the universal enfranchisement to determine their leader and political destiny, in human and women’s rights and liberties, rights of minorities, freedom of expression, rights of victims of conflict and other areas. I know that the understanding and perception about these achievements might be different between us. But those views and opinions must be put to the people to judge. We must denounce forcing our views upon each other and the people through unpeaceful means.

The peace negotiations must take into account the demands and hopes of our people and must reach to a positive conclusion. If we ignore the views and demands of the people, god forbids, this war might prolong even further and the country would be ruined again.

No matter how big and complicated the problem is, it can be solved with consultation, honesty and taking national interests into account. Let’s support all those matters that are positive and avoid whatever we agree on to be detrimental to our national interests. With every day that the talks are delayed and prolonged, we are at fault in the people’s eyes

I hope our discussions in the coming two days would be helpful to the negotiations process so that important steps are taken. Let’s ignore the peripheral issues and talk about the core of the matter, the substance so that talks are expedited. The blood that is shed is the Afghan blood. We can neither compensate for it nor can we absolve ourselves of the responsibility.

In hope of a peaceful Afghanistan where all live together with equality and prosperity.

Long live Afghanistan

Thank you very much.


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ډاکټر عبدالله عبدالله د امریکا سفارت له شارژدافیر سره ولیدل

د ملي مصالحې عالي شورا رییس ډاکټر عبدالله عبدالله نن یکشنبه د ( زمري ۱۰ نېټه) وروسته له غرمې په کابل کې د امریکا سفارت له شارژدافیر ښاغلي راس ویلسن سره په سپېدار ماڼۍ کې وکتل.

پدې. . .

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د ملي مصالحې عالي شورا او د کابل د سولې انسټیټیوټ ترمنځ ناسته جوړه شوه

د ملي مصالحې عالي شورا مرستیال مولوي عطاالرحمن سلیم نن یکشنبه د ( زمري ۱۰ نېټه) د کابل د سولې انسټیټیوټ رییس سردار محمد نادر نعیم او غړو سره په سپېدار ماڼۍ کې ولیدل.

پدې ناسته کې د ملي. . .

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چین د سولې د مذاکراتو د دوام او سیاسي هوکړې پلوي کوي

د ملي مصالحې عالي شورا رئيس د چین له سفیر ولیدل

د ملي مصالحې عالي شورا رئيس ډاکټر عبدالله عبدالله نن د خپل کار په دفتر سپیدار ماڼۍ کې د چین له سفیر ښاغلي وانګ یو سره ولیدل.

په دې. . .